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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Paranormal Internet Radio

I just love Internet Radio, and there are quite a few great paranormal radio formats that you can listen to free-of-charge. I have put together a short list of my favorite programs. I hope that you will enjoy them too.

The Jerry Pippin Show: Jerry Pippin is such a nice man, and he always treats his guests with great kindness. Check out the UFO-FILES and the PARA-ZONE.

BoA Audio: Tim Binnall is a younger enthusiast of the paranormal, but he interviews legends in Ufology like a seasoned broadcaster. You will enjoy his latest interview with veteran researcher Stanton Friedman.

Kevin Smith Show: Another great interviewer, Kevin Smith offers access to his most recent broadcasts for free, and you have the option to just listen, or watch his latest show.

As a note of thanks to these broadcasters, I know it takes a considerable amount of time to produce your programs, not to mention a substantial amount of money. Thanks for keeping the information free to those of us who are not quite in a position to afford access to paid archives. Knowledge is power.

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