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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Enid, Oklahoma will be the site of the paranormal themed conference called, "Ghostlahoma."  The event will feature regional paranormal authors, artists, speakers, and lots of fun.  Late night events may include a spooky tour.  Get your tickets now so they can insure adequate seats,etc.  Ken Gerhard, Chris Harrington, Troy Taylor and others.

Tonya Hacker and Tammy Wilson, programmers state:

Because this is Ghostlahoma, we want to showcase Oklahoma as much as possible.  We love our great state and we want to share with you experiences that are not far removed from you.  We do not aim to dazzle you with “as seen on TV” hype, though most of our speakers have been featured on TV at one time or another.  We do, however, aim to dazzle you with intelligent, witty, and well researched evidence and tales of the paranormal and to provide you with an interesting, fun day of ghostly goodness.

You will see photos, hear “voices from the grave,” and get the goods on several haunts as well as learn about how evidence is analyzed.  You’ll hear fascinating history and accounts of bizarre things.  Then you will have the opportunity to ask the speakers questions during a question and answer panel at the end of the day.

Please take the time to peruse our photo/art display and be sure to stick around and enjoy the 
“Haunt Rods” that will be lining the streets and the Twilight Criterium Race in downtown Enid after the conference.

(Please note this schedule is subject to change)

Saturday, July 21, 2012


British author Peter Townsend has released Ghostly Images, a gripping mystery set in Victorian England.

Whitby, North Yorkshire – 1894

Two apprentice photographers, David Taylor and John Evans, find themselves unemployed and desperate for work when their employer dies.

They fall into the clutches of Hood, a notorious charlatan, who is eager to exploit them as “spirit photographers” with the aid of the infamous Tate Camera now owned by David. This notorious camera is said to have the ability not only to photograph spirits, but it can predict how and when the person photographed will die.

Reluctantly, David and John become immersed into the dubious, murky trade of spirit photography. Although David stubbornly refuses to believe in the supernatural, he becomes unnerved when ghostly images start to appear on the untouched photographs of young women who soon fall victim of a man people are calling “The Whitby Ripper.” 

Lucy Shaw, an ambitious reporter from The Whitby Herald, wants to expose both Hood and spirit photography as a fraud. She is a modern career woman eager to cover more exciting news than the flower shows her editor assigns. Her search for the truth attracts the attention of David, and possibly that of a murderer.

David is charming, handsome, a real lady-killer in every way. A relative newcomer to Whitby, he is reluctant to talk about his past or his direct link to the recent murder victims.

Is there any truth to the rumours about the Tate Camera? Can it predict the near future? Can it expose a killer?

Meanwhile…the Whitby Ripper waits for his next victim.

About the Author
Peter Townsend was born in Sheffield and has a variety of interests including history, music and art. One of his current fascinations is the history of Victorian England. He now lives by the northeast coast of England and regularly walks on the local beach or on the cliff top path towards Whitby where Ghostly Images, is set.

Ghostly Images is available in print and several ebook formats including Kindle and NOOK and can be found at many other online retailers. Visit the Ghostly Images page at LL- Publications: 

LL- Publications ( is an independent publisher based in Scotland specializing in genre and literary titles in both print and ebook formats since 2008.
Contact:  Jolie du PrĂ© –
Published by LL-Publications
$14.99 (US) / £9.99 (UK/EU) / $3.99, £2.99 (ebook)
ISBN:  9781905091768 (print) / 9781905091775 (ebook)
© Peter Townsend
279 pages

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Lincoln Child is a best selling author of several books and well-known half the Preston-Child writing team and the popular Pendergast and Gideon Crew novels. In The Third Gate, Child 's character Professor Jeremy Logan is an enigmalogist, an expert in the inexplicable of both scientific and paranormal types. In a rancid corner of the deep Nile as it heads south into the heart of the continent, he joins an expedition, financed by a super wealthy and powerful man, to locate the tomb of the first mysterious Pharaoh of united Egypt. Tension soon begins to mount as accounts of anomalies and strange events are reported. Is the curse of the first king coming true already?

Although, I admit, I have been underwhelmed by some of the solo efforts of this writers in the past. A big fan of the Pendergast novels, I am 'coming around' to the Crew titles. The solo works, for me, sometimes edged into the two-dimensional character and stereotypical emotion range, I must say this book kept me interested, involved and linked to its main character, plot, and story line with enjoyment. The figure of Professor Jeremy Logan is a more real and likable as a person. He is also one whose responses are authentic and flow naturally in the context of the plot action. The female characters are less plastic as well. They reflect greater sympathy and understanding of the motivations, emotions, and responses in their presence on the page.

There are enough strange situations, paranormal science, and alternative science to balance the rollicking adventure and hard core science to make it enjoyable by many readers. If you are need of a break from the summer heat, want to just go somewhere really different, or want an adventure to get you turning the page - The Third Gate is the choice!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Steve Burt's writing career took a sharp turn in 1991 thanks to a snowstorm that stranded him at an airport. Already well known for his nonfiction books, Steve needed a book to pass the time, so he picked up a horror collection at the airport bookstore. As a teen he had always loved mysteries and dark fiction. He devoured the book and began reading everything he could find in the rediscovered genres. Three years later he began writing weird tales and mysteries. His first 8 stories earned honorable mentions in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror.

An Adventure that's Out of this World. And In It. Free Camp, which somehow became known as FreeK Camp, is for special kids. But just how special most people will never know. Two vans are on their way to the camp in rural Maine, the teen passengers just starting to get acquainted. One van makes it. The other mysteriously disappears. Now each group of kids must bond together to discover and use their paranormal and psychic powers. The lives of one group literally depend on it.

Part mystery thriller, part detective story, part sci-fi, FreeK Camp is all hold-your-breath-I-didn't-see-that-coming adventure. Named 2010 and 2011 Beach Book of the Year. For adults, teens, tweens. The second book in the series, FreeK Show: Where Nothing Is as It Appears, appeared on May 15, 2012.

Freek Camp is available on Amazon.


A year later and the teens are more mature, learning more of themselves and their strange skills. Summer dawns and some of the campers are back with a new, far more dangerous threat which will tax their still evolving abilities and their friendships to the extreme. Will they survive this test by fire? Read the FreeK Show and discover why Burt is an award winning writer. A great addition to any reading list.

Dr. Burt is a Bram Stoker Award-winning author of the Stories to Chill the Heart series of short story collections (Odd Lot, Even Odder, Oddest Yet, Wicked Odd). All books are for pre-teen, teen, and adult audiences. Contact: Steve Burt / 29 Arnold Place / Norwich, CT 06360 / 860.405.5183 /