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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Book That Wasn't **UPDATED**

Recently via several sites and especially the work of Linda Moulton Howe, a book has been mentioned as one stolen away by mysterious men in black, NSA, or other clandestine agency.  A search of WorldCat (a catalog of library catalogs), the Library of Congress, and the British Museum failed to bring up any copies of this book anywhere.  Not all collections or titles are found in these search tools but chances are excellent any major work of that age still in a library would be listed in one or more of these indexes.  Too arcane or rare would have it in a special collection.

Public libraries - such as the one alleged in this story - deal with popular works and a book of that subject, from that date, would be a very unusual on a public library shelf due to frequent updating of the circulating collection. The simple truth is books get worn out with use, become unappealing to readers, or have outdated images or content. They have to be in print to be replaced and this should leave a trail....

Theoretically this mysterious book recounts the name of the "OLTISSIS" who have some connection to mysterious drones reportedly seen in California and the south.  Yet, in 2010 that name was apparently being found in an online game...  Hmmm, I feel a tug on the collective leg of those investigating and reporting this witness' strange tale.

Some may claim every single copy of the book was confiscated and destroyed. They were burned or taken to some sinister underground location where they are also keeping other secrets....   It is also possible it never existed in this universe outside someone's imagination.

So keep an eye open when walking the dank aisles of that forlorn book shop on the corner of the Twilight Zone - that may be the only place to locate this particular book.  It may be a book about mythology but it may also be a total work of fiction, in more ways than one. If you do run across it,  or proof of an author by that name, however, drop me a line...

Thanks to several readers who pointed out the name listed was misspelled.  I had only the original postings to go on and a total dearth of any returns when doing a title search!   Apparently several have found copies in used book stores. My library inter-loan request has not yet been answered. When it is - if it is - I will provide a more detailed review of the content and scope of this work.

The book is alleged to be Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisted by Fredico Ionnides (1962).


  1. I concur with your findings.I wouldn't think that one would simply make up a title and author and thro it out on national radio. One would be sure to be found out. However, stranger things have happened.

  2. Possible 1962 book information, but still no actual book:

    Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisited / Fredrico Ionnides
    Ionnides, Fredrico, 1911-1988.
    Lans-en-Vercours, France : Locus Solus Press, © 1962.

    Nonfiction - 938 Ion 4/82 -

    xiv, 498 p., [16] p. of plates : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
    Includes bibliographical references and index.
    Mythology, Greek.
    Folklore -- Greece.
    Oltissis (Legendary place) -- History.
    Greece -- Civilization -- To 146 B.C.

  3. I work in a library and searched WorldCat shortly after Howe's report. I found it exactly as above. I wish I had printed the page because later it was gone.

  4. Locus Solus Press existed in 1961, is one example of this. The author's name is also suggested as "Federico Ioannides".


  5. Hey, just letting webmaster know that there is a misspelling of the authors name that might have everyone looking for a book by fredico ioannides

  6. I found this book in an old variety store in old city in philadelphia while wandering around looking for old baseball cards.btw the authers name is spelled Fredrico Ionnides

  7. I checked this book out from the library back in the 90's. The material was...very interesting to say the least. Unfortunately I didn't start really reading it in depth until it was almost time to return it. I went to renew it at the circulation desk but the librarian very quickly took it from me and told me they hadn't meant to put it on the shelf in the first place. Just before that I had seen her talking nervously with a rather nondescript man in a dark suit. The whole thing was very weird and a bit unsettling. I can only wonder exactly what was in that book.

  8. Lans en Vencours is a Swiss ski resort town in the Alps. There appear to be no publishers there. The only existing reference to Locus Solus Press is a publication of poetry in 1962 in four issues entirely unrelated to mythology.

  9. Once I was reading this very book and a large spacecraft came in through my bedroom window.

    A small, delicate creature exited the craft and hovered over my bed. It said "Did you like the part about Thor" and then smacked me in the left temple with a wand about the size, shape, color, and construct of an unsharpened #2 pencil, up to and including an eraser at one end.

    It used the eraser end so it didn't really hurt much. However, I felt a little dizzy after that.

    The being hovered into my bathroom and ate all my toothpaste, properly squeezing the tube from the end, as if it had done this before.

    This was a little disconcerting, but I managed to ask it: "What is the meaning of life?" to which it responded "Do you have any more toothpaste?"

    When I slowly nodded my head "no" it went back into the spacecraft and left exactly as it had entered.

    The funny thing is, the tiny bit of toothpaste that was left in the tube glowed an eerie green color, but only in the presence of an unsharpened pencil with a full eraser.

    I still have the toothpaste tube and a dent in my temple to prove every bit of this is true, I'm pretty sure.

    And yes, in case the creature is reading this website, I did like the part about Thor.

    Awesome book, I highly recommend it if you don't mind lots of weird stuff happening in your life.

  10. "Oltissis referred to historic pleasure palaces"
    No wonder the deep state confiscated the book.
    Job #1 is to protect Pedophiles. No doubt Oltissis is
    a code name for a modern pizza g aa tt ee party

  11. I am connecting dots: Linda M Howe is a friend of Whitley Strieber, who used to get his hallucinogenic drugs from Lady LSD of the Bay area. The lady is deceased, so I won't name her out of respect for the departed; however, these were, and maybe still are, drugs that stimulate much altered state imagination. Strieber got a whole series of books published out of that chemical dreamland. Does he perhaps share his stash with Linda?

  12. This is false. I have never used any form of psychoactive substance in my life.