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Friday, February 27, 2015

Enchanted Circles Weaves a Spell

Paul Medina’s first novel, Enchanted Circles is a unique tale of a young boy, a mysterious family, and a journey to the most unimaginable place one could ever imagine. While Zak spends summer vacation with his aunt in northern New Mexico, he meets a mysterious family of magical bakers that will introduce him to a secret world and change his life forever.

Paul Medina is a visual mixed media artist that works and lives in Oklahoma. Throughout his long career in the creative arts, he has written many short stories, essays and poetry but never as his main field of endeavor. The fable he chose to publish at the end of 2014 is his first foyer into the written world of storytelling.

The story of Enchanted Circles was conceived and developed over the last 40 years, parts of which were told to his daughter when she was a child. He began to write the novel in earnest 3 years ago to give to his new granddaughter, Zoe Mae, as a gift and a lasting legacy for her to enjoy after he is gone.

Medina lives with Grace, his wife of 44 years, in Oklahoma City and works as a child advocate and mentor in a creative program he created for his community.

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