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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Lincoln Child is a best selling author of several books and well-known half the Preston-Child writing team and the popular Pendergast and Gideon Crew novels. In The Third Gate, Child 's character Professor Jeremy Logan is an enigmalogist, an expert in the inexplicable of both scientific and paranormal types. In a rancid corner of the deep Nile as it heads south into the heart of the continent, he joins an expedition, financed by a super wealthy and powerful man, to locate the tomb of the first mysterious Pharaoh of united Egypt. Tension soon begins to mount as accounts of anomalies and strange events are reported. Is the curse of the first king coming true already?

Although, I admit, I have been underwhelmed by some of the solo efforts of this writers in the past. A big fan of the Pendergast novels, I am 'coming around' to the Crew titles. The solo works, for me, sometimes edged into the two-dimensional character and stereotypical emotion range, I must say this book kept me interested, involved and linked to its main character, plot, and story line with enjoyment. The figure of Professor Jeremy Logan is a more real and likable as a person. He is also one whose responses are authentic and flow naturally in the context of the plot action. The female characters are less plastic as well. They reflect greater sympathy and understanding of the motivations, emotions, and responses in their presence on the page.

There are enough strange situations, paranormal science, and alternative science to balance the rollicking adventure and hard core science to make it enjoyable by many readers. If you are need of a break from the summer heat, want to just go somewhere really different, or want an adventure to get you turning the page - The Third Gate is the choice!

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