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Monday, February 27, 2012


The new book from author Troy Taylor, MURDERED IN THEIR BEDS, is now available to order as a signed, numbered, limited edition copy! This brand new title -- already called "the bloodiest installment in the Dead Men Do Tell Tales Series so far" --- tells the story of not only the history and hauntings of the Villisca Ax Murders in Iowa, but the story of a series of horrific ax murders that plagued the Midwest at the same time and could all be traced back to the same killer. It's a dark and terrible tale of the American Midwest during the 1910s, a lingering haunting and series of unsolved murders that remain mysterious to this day.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Mark L. Cowden is the audio-visual technician who recorded what is believed to be the first ever documented case of a live, two-way conversation with the spirit world. 

In early 2010, at an apparently haunted hotel in Northern Ireland, Mark was part of a small team of people who were filming a television documentary series about ghost stories when something incredible happened. While a medium and a psychic investigator sat on a bed in the next room and attempted to contact the spirit of a ghost in the hotel, Mark was able to record not only the medium's side of the conversation—and her report of the responses she was receiving from the spirit—but the spirit's replies directly as well! 

With camera's rolling, an independent television crew documented the whole process. Not only is this believed to be the first time anybody has ever managed to record a whole conversation between this world and the next, it was also a first for television.

Spirit Voices documents Mark's work in the field of paranormal forensics and details the technology and methods he developed to achieve such ground-breaking results. 

About the Author:
Mark L. Cowden is a native of Oklahoma and is of Cherokee and Scots Irish decent. He has been studying paranormal accounts in the UK and Ireland for the last ten years and has featured in various television shows, radio programmes, books, magazines, and newspapers dealing with this subject.  He has worked as a paranormal forensics specialist for “Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts” in all ten episodes, and he has appeared on "Mistero," aired nationwide in Italy. Cowden is now working on a new American television series, which is currently in development.

Mark L Cowden

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