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Monday, September 30, 2013


Someone has recently opened an email address using the name paranormalib supposedly from me. I know because I was sent the alert from Goggle. Be advised no such address exists related to this page.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Shadow Legion - New Roads to Hell


Airship 27 Productions is excited to debut the first of a new line of pulp-superhero books with
Shadow Legon – New Roads to Hell, written and created by Thomas Deja.

“Thomas proposed this idea to me last year,” explained Airship 27 Managing Editor Ron Fortier, “and I thought it contained fascinating perspectives on the whole idea of supernatural beings.

“Every sci-fi, pulp fan knows comic book superheroes evolved from pulp magazine heroes,” Fortier added. “The idea of turning the tables and doing prose stories of superheroes isn’t anything new, and there have been several publishers who have explored that hybrid world recently. We didn’t want to copy what others had done; which is why Shadow Legon appealed to me in the first place. In creating the city of Nocturne and its unique characters, Thomas has put a decidedly fresh spin on this genre, and we think our readers are really going to enjoy these adventures.”

There has always been something strange about Nocturne, Florida; the City That Lives by Night. It is an entertainment nexus luring tourists from around the world to its night clubs, music, and other, more adult entertainment venues. But there is a darker side that these carefree revelers never see; one of dark doings, violence and eldritch evil.

Now a new, sinister force threatens Nocturne, and only a handful of unique, gifted beings can protect the city’s innocent. They are Nightbreaker--a radio star turned vigilante; he exist in a strange limbo world; the beautiful Dreamcatcher who bends all magic to her will; the mysterious Ferryman, a living conduit to the world beyond, and their leader, Black Talon, the embodiment of the unfettered fury of the African Veldt...stalking a jungle of concrete and glass!

Together they are The Shadow Legion, a secret alliance of mystery men and women who battle the fantastic threats that can tear apart the metropolis they call home!

Their saga begins here in New Roads To Hell, a gripping novel that reveals the secret origins of Nightbreaker and Ferryman, and features the menace of Rose Red, a crimson haired devil with a talent for murder! The book features interior illustrations by Chris Kemple and a cover by Pulp Factory Award (PFA) winning artist, Mike Fyles, with designs by Rob Davis, another PFA art winner.