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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Paranormal Librarian caught up with the youthful author of the paranormal as she prepared for another whirlwind book signing tour. 

The author is as much a surprise as her novels: a youthful, petite young woman with a sparkle of life and joy unlike the sometimes moody and mysterious stereotypical author of vampires or similar creatures of the night. Tulsa native, Nicci Sefton, is author of the popular The Deadly Sins Vampire Series.

A dynamic and intuitive character she can often be seen getting into the flavor and fun of an event. Her appearances can be a unique experience. Joining PL on the patio of a local coffee shop, sitting beneath the shaggy umbrella of golden hued leaves from a nearby tree, the author sipped a tall, toffee colored cold drink as she responded to questions. 

Like a well-written character, you have a fascinating 'back story' of your own as an author. Tell us how you got started as a writer.

I began writing in 2nd grade when my teacher assigned the class to enter a writing competition. I lost the competition but ever since then I was in love with the fact that I could put my imagination on to paper.

What authors or films have most influenced you as a writer?

The biggest influence on me is probably J.K. Rowling. Her books were the first real chapter books I read and loved how she would make up words and the characters would get in the most peculiar incidents.

In ten years, what themes do you look forward to exploring or what new things do you expect to try in your work? 

I would love to write more fairy tale books or even children’s books. I’ve already been working on three completely different books from my Deadly Sins series and I’m really excited to get more involved in them once I feel Annabell and Derrick aren’t demanding my full attention.

Will they be the same genre or will you be branching out?

No. The new books will be fairytale, a true story, and a comic book.

Tell us about your fans and readers.

I love my fans! I especially love how my readers aren’t restricted to one generation. I can literally say my books are for all ages because my youngest reader is a second grader and my oldest is an 89 year old lady. I love how I can see that these characters affect their lives. I get emails every day demanding the next book! Even if the newest one does come out I’ll get an email the next day.

Great problem to have for an author! Sometimes talented people make things seem so easy. Usually, the road to those shining moments are after a tough climb. As an author, what have been your greatest challenges?

My greatest challenge is living in the Bible belt; there really aren’t too many people with open minds about vampires. So, as soon as they see the word, they literally drop the book and run!

If money and time were not an issue, what would you like to do as a person or as an author?

I would love to be able to travel with my books. In my stories the characters travel all around the world, places I’ve never been, but crave to experience.

Sometimes people have ideas or have heard tales of writers who are very picky about how and when they write. When you write do you have any specific rituals or traditions? 

I have to be in a crowded area, like a classroom, at one of my signings or something similar. When I’m alone the t.v. or radio must be on. This helps my brain not to wonder. Almost like the noise creates a barrier so my mind doesn't stray off!

Readers always want to know – where do writers get their ideas? What generates your creative thoughts in a novel?

Anything I hear or see. There will be times I’m just sitting gazing off into space and I’ve just jumped up after seeing a flash of what happens next in a project and I start writing it down. I've done this more than twice with my friends and I scared them by my sudden movements.

In the immediate there are more appearances but what's next? What’s next for you as a writer? Any new titles or topics in the near future?

I’m still deciding what to write next, Gula [the fourth installment] or one of my other books I mentioned that I’m very interested in.

The tall cool drink depleted, the sun setting a little lower in the afternoon, the young author said goodbye and left.  The multi-colored carpet of autumn leaves danced about her feet as she walked off down the sidewalk. I hailed the waitress for a refill of my tea.  I opened my bag and settled down with a small sigh as I opened the pages of one of the novels of the departing author.  It had not been on the required pre-interviewing reading lists but then it would be my own little secret. Only right,  after all  the series was called, The Deadly Sins and I know you won't tell.


  1. Nicci Sefton is an amazingly talented young writer who always leaves her fans wanting more. I love getting lost in her books and can't wait to see what comes next in the Deadly Sins series! I'm also excited to see what other worlds she will introduce us to with her future work! Nicci-your fans love you, you are an inspiration; keep up the good work! Great interview.

  2. So glad to see how far you've come. You're making strides in your life, and, as an author, making your mark on the world!
    So glad :)

  3. I am really glad to see Nicci getting the attention she deserves. She is one of the most notable authors in her age range. Great Interview.