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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book Review: Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story

Messages is a disturbing account of alien abductions. I feel really sorry for the author, Stan Romanek. He and his family have simply been terrorized, and sadly, this man has no where to turn for help. What official government agency would even believe his tales, let alone offer any assistance or protection?
Like so many stories of alien abduction, Romanek's Messages illustrates some common themes that we see again and again in this genre. First, his history with UFOs began when he was child. Some researchers assert that one will often find a military connection to the abduction scenario, and indeed, Romanek's father served the United States as a career military man. Screen memories were implemented, and this means that the abductee will recall a completely different memory than what is actually experienced. The theme of an alien-human hybrid program is also outlined in this story. Finally, while Stan has not fathered any human children, his step-son has also experienced alien abductions. It seems that families are studied by aliens generation after generation, but to my knowledge, it is rare that step-children also suffer from this phenomenon.
The book begins with the accounts of a most unusual "woman" who terrified Stan a handful of times with telepathic messages when he was a boy. These subsided, and Romanek did not, to his knowledge, have any unusual encounters until he was well into adulthood in 2001. Progressively, his sightings and paranormal experiences accelerated throughout the decade. It appears that aliens invade his home with great regularity.
Hypnotic regressions have aided Stan in gaining clarity about his experiences. During these sessions, Romanek has produced intriguing mathematical equations relating to physics and interstellar travel. Despite being harassed by both aliens and human surveillance, overall Stan asserts that this has all been a positive experience for him. He believes that he is meant to share his messages, and that he is one of seven specially selected individuals to bridge knowledge from these entities that haunt him, to the general public.

Friday, January 15, 2010

An incredible account of high strangeness...

Next week, I will be posting a review of Stan Romanek's book: Messages. Until then, please enjoy this article and video clip.

Since UFO Sighting, Stan Romanek Claims Extraterrestrials Haunt Him - ABC News