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Friday, October 11, 2013

Book Offers a Little History of Oklahoma Halloweens

Halloween: Oklahoma Treats-n-Tricks, 1900-1980

A short and fun memory filled journey through some of the Halloweens of Oklahoma... Author Marilyn A. Hudson explores the historical transformation of Halloween from its origins in pagan harvest festivals through years of controversy to the popular status it enjoys today. 

Citing intriguing first-hand accounts and obscure news reports, Hudson illustrates the erratic yet enduring allure of this complicated holiday. Also, explore an urban legend of the Cry Baby Bridge and learn who some of the figures who are keeping the "spirit" of Halloween alive and well. 

Hudson holds degrees in history and Information that serve her well in plumbing the deep forgotten recesses of the past to craft tales rich with detail. She is the author of When Death Rode the Rails, Tales of Hell's Half Acre, The Bones of Summer and co-author of the novel, The Mound. She also writes a blog combining mystery and history, "Mystorical".

Available on Amazon and in Kindle format.

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