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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Waiting eagerly for the new Koontz novel, Odd Apocalypse to arrive. Hurry delivery person and be swift thy feet!  The first new one in some four years. I will have to re-read some of the others as I wait.

Just reading about it makes my heart pound with excitement:

The stallion reared over me, silently slashing the air with the hooves of its forelegs, a creature of such immense power that I stumbled backward even though I knew that it was as immaterial as a dream. . . .
The woman astride the ghostly mount reaches out desperately, the latest spirit to enlist the aid of Odd Thomas, the unassuming young fry cook whose gift—or curse—it is to see the shades of the restless dead, and to help them when he can. This mission of mercy will lead Odd through realms of darkness he has never before encountered, as he probes the long-held secrets of a sinister estate and those who inhabit it.

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