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Sunday, May 20, 2012

DARK SIDE by C.C. Brown

Dark Side by C.C. Brown is a blend of fun, fantasy, thrills, and strong women.

"The sacred relic of the undead . . . the Vampire Bible has fallen into the hands of a paranormal-artifact dealer. An eBay bid and an annual vacation lead Koleen O'Brien and her five friends to San Antonio to deliver the book to a wealthy Texan. They are clueless to the fact that a pack of blood-thirsty vampires are stalking them to reclaim the Bible...."

The author "C.C.Brown" is an amalgamation of the names of these Ozark writers: Schyriet Cameron, Carolyn Craig and Kathy Brown. Check out their webpage here.


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  2. Dark Side was chosen Best of Show at the 2011 and 2012 Northern Oklahoma Literary Arts Book Festival. It was also chosen the “Number One Summer Read” by the Springfield News-Leader in 2011. The book is available at