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Friday, December 23, 2011


The Family of Dog Series begins with The Harvest.

Part one of a 3 book series takes you on a journey of Satan who has been raised from Hell by 18 individuals who are suing him for breach of contract after they are displeased with the results of selling of souls!

A hurricane of terror erupts as mankind takes on and creates a war between the deities, critics are saying The Family of Dog is the most dangerous peice of work ever to hit paper and The Family of Dog takes what we know of Hell to an entirely new level

For autographed versions send $40 to
The Goat Franchise
C/O Jake Bannerman
718 SW 51st
Takes 6-8 weeks to deliver.
Remember Pitchfork Diaries Vol.2 is coming out St. Patrick's Day 2012
Make sure and leave your messages on The Goat Franchise Hotline

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