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Thursday, July 14, 2011

FOR THE BOOKSHELF: Classics Too Good to Die

Ignatius Donnelly was a lawyer, legislator, author, and futurist who created one of the most detailed looks at the potential validity of the Atlantis myth prior to the 20th century.

Although often subjected to ridicule, he was one of few people to take a global look at civilization rather than a nationalistic view.  He accepted that there was cultural diffusion as one culture influenced another, ideas, stories, and beliefs were thus spread widely in a time without nation states or nationalistic boundaries.   He was definitely one to think outside the box rather than become too root bound into the contemporary and rigid thinking of the science of his day. While lacking in some skills, and a tendency to accept too much at face value, his ' what if we look at it this way...' is the epitome of what true science should do.  Despite his being derided by some he did bring up intriguing questions and examples that seem to reveal what modern science is only now being to accept - ancient society was more mobile and far traveled than previously thought.

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