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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Koontz "Lost Souls" Begins Great New Story Line

Remember when you were small and your parents said you could not have that extra cookie or you had to put that light out and go to sleep? That is the feeling after reading, "Lost Souls", one of Dean Koontz's newest Frankenstein series. This particular cookie was savoured in delight, suspense, and awe at the creativity found in its pages. As always Koontz' creates complex characters with great soul and humanity and villians who strip bare to revel the human potential for evil. At the last page, knowing more was coming, the desire for another...and another....are great.

Koontz has imaginatively retooled the great classic and smoothly transferred it into the matrix of a modern society that is itself Frankenstein in nature and choices. As always in heroic tales, a small cadre of souls band together to fight for the right, or in this case, human existence.

Shelly originally challenged readers to question who was the monster in her great novel and to search out the sources and goal of consuming ambition; Koontz continues that tradition with skill, daring, and more than a few shivers.

Hurry....I can hardly wait for the next book....and the next.

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