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Monday, November 30, 2009


What a treat to read. Frankly, it's rather astonishing that this book even exists. No matter where you stand on the issue of UFOs, there is no question that the British Government was perplexed as how to manage UFO reports. All sightings and accounts offered in this book were once locked up and tucked away in the National Archives in the United Kingdom. These very reports were likely never intended to be read by the public. At one point, reports held in the Archives prior to 1960 were destroyed, but then later reports were saved, and now all remaining documents are available to the public. What a curious turn of events.

I commend the author for sifting through a myriad of reports to publish fascinating accounts from school children, diplomats, pilots, and police officers. The book begins with sightings in the early 1900s of scare ships and phantom airships. Could these craft have been misidentified Zeppelins? Or perhaps they were the very same cigar-shaped craft people the world over report seeing today.

Accounts are presented in a concise manner along a timeline of events familiar to a U.S. audience ranging from Foo Fighters to Flying Saucers and Roswell to RAF Bentwaters.

The UFO FILES is a quick read, and one need not be a Ufologist to enjoy this book. Any researcher will appreciate viewing the many reproduced primary resources featured throughout the text.

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