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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Author Dean Koontz has become a great favorite of mine. Emerging from the often mindless horror and suspense genre - where reason and motive are less important than new imaginative ways to destroy a human life - his works over the last decade have transcended the common and become extraordinary. 'Relentless', his latest, contains an almost lyrical beauty within its text and a rare strand of hope for the dark of life. Like a lighthouse, his works send out search beams that remind that we are not alone. They encourage the willing heart to reach out and connect - before it is too late - with the better part of ourselves in those around us. We are in the middle of a herd of lemmings rushing toward the cliff - but catch the eye of those around and escape the doom of a soulless future.

With heavy doses of natural humor, a keen insight into the logical goal of thoughtless philosophies, and a mild touch of the supernatural - this is a book for the intelligent, thoughtful, and human among us.
--The Paranormal Librarian

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