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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The archetypal "small grey aliens with large eyes" may be much older than some believe. An Australian blogger finds a 1960's mass market paperback referring to them ( and it has been suggested by some that the 1891 book , Meda: A Tale of the Future by Kenneth Folinobly, may be the first to use the "big headed" concept ( ). Various covers from pulp magazines, such as Amazing Stories!, do show large headed aliens and "bug eyed monsters" that might be considered precursors of the classic large headed, small bodied, and grey alien of more recent cultural mythology. Stephen King in his Dance Macabre noted the similarity of the alien image with the fetus. Were the horror film works of the early 1950-80's, a cultural reflection of the fear of our future, or perhaps, awareness of social responsibility for the future?

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